2000 – 2020, it’s time to say goodbye

As all good things must come to an end, LA FERME DU COLVERT SPA ECOLODGE officially closes to pursue new adventures and projects.

I will make this brief as it is quite a difficult and emotional thing to say goodbye. Although I had to do it many times in my life, it is not a skill I’ve come to master.

Our team is forever grateful for the great many beautiful memories we have with our beloved guests from Vietnam and all over the world. We are honored to have met and served each and every one of you.

Our founding family is also grateful to every member of our team and very proud of the long journey and strong community we built with them and with you over 20 years, with all the changes time brought along.

We have learned so much and hope we served our purposes well. We apologize for our mistakes and shortcomings.

We wish everyone that crossed our path the best for the future. It was a wonderful time by your side.

La Ferme du Colvert may no longer be but our bonds always remain.

With much fondness,

Phuong Tran and family